Social Media Monitoring

Deep Insights to Social Media

Take a bird's eye view or a deep dive into discussions and opinions on the social web. Our experienced social media team and high end monitoring-technology provide high level insights to social communities, blogs, forums and news sites on the entire internet. Experience a realt time listening to what is said about brands, products and services on the social web.

bc.lab Social Media Monitoring


Discover Potential Crisis in an Early State

Speed up your reaction towards realt time with the proven early warning system krisen.radar. Be first to know whenever a potential crisis is coming up on social media and increase your capacity to act dramatically by gaining precious time. Our proven social media experts provide your crisis management team with valuable information and customized processes that exactly suit your needs.

bc.lab Early Warning System krisenradar

Social Media Reports

Meaningful Analysis and Presentations

Present your social media data and activities in meaningful reports. Our social media experts support you to develop high quality social media reports with valid KPIs and impressive charts that answer your central questions. We provide all kinds of reports like morning briefings, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports as well as special reports for marketing and communication campaigns, events or competitors.

bc.lab Social Media Reports

Monitoring Fullservice

Monitorig Expertise + Personal Counterpart

Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our social media teams to take your decissions based on valuable data and high quality analysis. With our unique dynamic search profiles we always take care to keep your monitoring up to date and assure you to catch even unexpected issues.

bc.lab Dynamic Monitoring


Monitoring Expertise

Become a monitoring expert and download one of our white papers for free!

Social Media Reports