Monitoring the Internet

Discover trends, analyse opinions and identify online crisis with social media monitoring. Get deep insights in how customers evaluate products, what drives their decisions and how they think about your competitors.

Take advantage of one of the best monitoring technologies combined with the intuition and expirience of our professionel social media teams. Get started and take concrete action to tune up your communication, your sales and your products and services.

Reliable Information

Get access to high quality social media data with maximum source coverage, accurate data and individualised sentiment in one easy-to-use monitoring platform.

Identify online crisis and even unpredicted critical issues before they escalate with our krisen.radar® and its unique dynamic search profiles.

bc.lab Social Media Monitoring Dashboard
Multi-Filter tool for social media analysis

Identify and React on Trends

Create efficient searches within seconds with our unique srearch-system (no need for  complicated boolean operators).

Gain deep insights into comunities and customers with a strong pool of filters. Get the maximmum out of your data for highly flexible analysis and reports even in critical situations.

Meaningful Analysis

Discover the big picture by aggregating data from a big variaty of sources, such as millions of blogs, dicussion boards, social networks, your own social media channels, online-news and even print media or TV and radio.

Create meaningful charts by yourself or with the help of our social media team for simple periodical reports to complex analysis.

bc.lab Social Media Reports
bc.lab monitor Social Media Quellen

All Sources in One Platform

Combine data sources and real-time information within one single system for all online-sources, TV, radio and Print media. Meta data for each source allows you to compare and analyze all sources for your reports.

Our data sources include: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / blogs / discussion boards / rating portals / online-news / video portals / print media / TV / radio

Seamless Integration of Monitoring-Data

Get relevant information where ever you need it. Increase efficiency through seamless integration into you internal work flow and processes. Your personal counterpart provide you with support, manage tasks and find solutions.

Crisis Communication / PR

Use the krisen.radar alerts and up-to-date analyzes to immediately take action and plan your business day.

Marketing & Strategy

Control the performence of your social media channels and the impact of your influencer camaigns.

CRM & Client-Support

Monitor all touch points of your clients to be ready for fast and efficient reactions.

Research & Developement

Analyse opinions and feedback of your customers to optimize products and meet custmers demands.

Monitoring Solutions

Crisis Monitoring krisen.radar®

  • Reliably identification of weak signals of potential crisis and shitstorms
  • Increase your options to take action
  • Support by sophisticated experts
  • Continues crisis monitoring and status reports

Social Listening

  • Identify trends
  • worldwide monitoring of client opinions
  • Client specific sentiment analysis and categorisation
  • Daynamic search profiles
  • Maximum sources coverage
  • Personal counterpart

Reputation Management

  • Public image of brand, company products or acting persons
  • Extended basis for decision making
  • Deriving strategies from monitoirng intelligence
  • Content generation

Competitive Intelligence

  • Monitor competitors and markets
  • Analyse competitor activities in social networks
  • Track competitor websites and identify significant changes
  • Monitor and analyse opinions about competitor products and services

Influencer Relations

  • Identify relevant influencers
  • Control and adjust online campaigns in real-time
  • Qualify content
  • Evaluate campaign goals by using reports with recommendation

Channel Analysis

  • Explore and control the performanc of your  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels
  • Meaningful presentaions
  • Time saving automated reports

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Leading companies from different indistries trust in bc.lab monitoring capabilities and rely on our customized and sophisticated solutions.
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