How an APP can bring Competitive Insights to the Next Level

To know about your competitors and anticipate their next steps is one of the key factors for success. But how can a global company manage to keep everyone informed while not further increasing the continuously growing information overflow? Here is how Daimler Truck solved that problem with a powerful yet simple to use company wide APP.

The Idea

Daimler Truck needed a companywide sharing of the latest and most impactful market- competitor- and technology-news concerning Zero Emission Commercial Vehicles around the globe.

Together with Daimler Truck, bc.lab set up a worldwide AI-based online monitoring of competitors, markets and Start-ups to discover critical insights in the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) market. A small Daimler Truck team of market intelligence analysts uses the bc.lab monitor to extract relevant data out of a flood of information within minutes and distributes the top news on a weekly basis via a Smartphone APP.

Thanks to bc.lab the Daimler analyst team significantly reduced their time spent on research consolidating and sharing. A continuously growing subscriber community including the board of directors proves the success of combing AI technology with human intelligence to provide relevant insights for decision makers.


During the set-up and implementation process various requirements had to be taken into account 

  • Covering worldwide sources and setting up searches in 42 languages.
  • Including special interest news and blogs.
  • Tracking of competitor websites.
  • Handle the flood of information and reduce the time to insights without missing critical news.
  • User friendly and intuitive design to reach a broad company wide audience.


The Market Intelligence Team could quickly reduce their time invest for collecting and providing relevant news to the whole company. Thus the capacity for deep dives and analysis increased helping the MI team to position themselves as internal strategic advisers.
The team managed to implement a „one single source“ of critical insights into the worldwide fast developing ZEV market.

Lessons learned

From the first idea to the roll out of the APP to the companies worldwide employees we figured out three critical success factors:

  1. Smooth integration of a high-level monitoring tool into the workflow of the MI team.
  2. Easy to use APP to motivate a broad audience in different departments of the company.
  3. Quality of information is key to attract attention and keep subscribers on the long run.

Ask bc.lab

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